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Depending on your age and health history, we recommend scheduling a dental cleaning and exam with us every 6 months. These visits are the best way to lower your risk of gum disease and tooth decay and catch issues early on. 

At Cedar Village Dentistry, your appointment will include once-a-year 3D imaging, a gentle cleaning from your amazing hygienist, and a dental examination with our dentists. Contact us today to schedule your visit.

State-of-the-art 3D Imaging

At Cedar Village Dentistry, we’ve implemented high-tech 3D imaging to ensure our patients receive the most advanced preventive care.

At your first dental exam and cleaning, and every year after, we’ll use the intraoral scanner to take a high-definition, full-color scan of your teeth, gums, and mouth.

These images allow you and our dentists to objectively track changes and monitor how your health is evolving from year to year. With this technology, we’ll be able to catch developing concerns before they become big problems.

Preventive Dental Care FAQ

Are teeth cleanings really necessary?

Yes. Even with regular at-home brushing and flossing, there will always be some bacteria-filled plaque and tartar that sticks around. Routine dental cleanings help address these stubborn areas and ensure a healthy smile. Remember, if left too long, plaque and tartar will cause tooth decay, gum disease, and other problems.

If my teeth don’t hurt, do I need to go to the dentist?

Yes! Periodontal disease and cavities typically do not hurt when they are small. Going for regular checkups will help prevent gum disease and cavities from occurring. If they do exist, we’ll be able to catch the problem while it’s small and take a more conservative approach, saving you time, money, and pain.

What should you expect when getting teeth cleaned?

During a cleaning at our Mason office, you’ll work with one of our dental hygienists who will make sure you’re comfortable before gently removing plaque and tartar from around your gum line and between your teeth. Next, we’ll polish your teeth with a high-tech electric brush and end by flossing. We may also recommend a prescription fluoride treatment or mouthwash if you are cavity prone or have chronic tooth sensitivity.

Is a dental cleaning painful?

Our hygienists are known for being very gentle and attentive to your needs. We’ll ensure your comfort from start to finish. If it’s been a while since your last professional cleaning, your gums may feel a bit sore after your cleaning. If that’s the case, an over-the-counter pain reliever will do the trick.

How much does a dental cleaning cost? 

Most dental insurance covers 100% of your twice-a-year dental cleanings. No insurance? Ask about the Cedar Village Dentistry membership plan. Every year, you’ll get 2 cleanings, 2 exams, x-rays, and up to 20% off other treatments. Contact us to learn more.

What to Expect


Relaxing environment & friendly staff


Gentle care & sedation options for those with dental anxiety


Answers to all your questions and concerns


Personalized plan for keeping your smile healthy for a lifetime

Welcome to Cedar Village Dentistry

At Cedar Village Dentistry, our goal is to make sure you feel safe and cared for from the moment you walk through our door. 

A professional teeth cleaning is the best thing you can do to keep your teeth healthy. We’ll make it easy.

Enjoy a relaxing office environment, welcoming team, and soothing amenities just for you. Plus, we’re equipped with modern techniques and high-tech equipment to deliver a truly personalized and comfortable dental care experience.

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Patient Stories

“I was very impressed when I walked in. Everyone is very friendly. Dr. Dooley is very kind, patient, and considerate. I feel like he's more of a friend than a dentist.”


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cedar village insurance options

We accept most insurance plans and will help you maximize your benefits.

No insurance? No problem.


Our membership plan includes:

  • 2 cleanings
  • All exams
  • Needed x-rays
  • Oral cancer screening 
  • 30% off deep cleanings 
  • 15-20% discount on treatments


All for just $369 a year.


Call (513) 770-4370 to learn more.

Do You Suffer From Dental Anxiety?

Our team is here to help make your routine dental care easy. We offer the latest sedation dentistry techniques to help you feel relaxed and calm throughout your visit. Your comfort is our #1 priority!

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“Keep your teeth strong and beautiful! I’m here to help and answer all your questions about maintaining your health through dental cleanings. Let’s talk.”

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