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The key to a revitalized smile and peaceful sleep

Do you find yourself waking up with headaches or jaw pain? Are your teeth worn down or sensitive? These could be signs of teeth grinding or clenching. At Cedar Village Dentistry, we offer customized night guards that alleviate those symptoms and prevent further damage.

With these oral appliances, you can experience nights of uninterrupted sleep and wake up to a rejuvenated smile. Our night guards are designed with your comfort in mind. They are custom-fitted to your teeth, ensuring a perfect fit
and maximum protection.

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How do night guards work?

Night guards are custom-fitted dental appliances designed to protect teeth from the damaging effects of teeth grinding and clenching, known as bruxism. They act as a cushion, absorbing the forces generated during sleep and preventing wear and tear on your teeth.

Our dental professionals create personalized night guards for maximum comfort and effectiveness. With our night guards, you’ll be able to wake up refreshed and enjoy a healthier smile.

What a night guard can do for you

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  • Provide a protective barrier, preventing direct contact between the upper and lower teeth
  • Protect teeth from wear, chips, and fractures
  • Alleviate jaw pain, headaches, and facial soreness
  • Improve sleep quality

While bruxism is common, leaving it untreated can lead to serious dental issues and affect your overall well-being, such as:

We’ll assess your symptoms and determine the appropriate night guard.

What to expect during your consultation

  • Thorough examination: Our dentists will examine your teeth, gums, and jaw to assess the impact of bruxism.
  • Personalized treatment plan: We’ll create a tailored plan, which may include a custom night guard.
  • Custom fitting: We’ll craft your custom-fitted night guard, ensuring a precise fit and optimal comfort.At Cedar Village Dentistry, we’re committed to delivering exceptional care and ensuring comfort throughout your treatment. Take the first step towards finding relief and achieving a healthier, more comfortable smile.
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This is the future of health awareness!

And it’s happening right now at Cedar Village Dentistry. Enjoy the latest dental technology as part of your treatment.

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