Local Retired Police Officer Wins $63,512 of Comprehensive Dental Care

Dr. Thomas Dooley is pleased to announce the winner of the first annual Cedar Village Dentistry Smile Makeover Giveaway. Mr. Greg Ramsey will receive over $63,000 of personalized comprehensive dental, endodontic, and oral surgery treatment to improve his health and smile.

Greg Ramsey is a retired police officer, husband, and father to four children. While on duty 10 years ago, Greg was involved in a high-speed car chase that resulted in him breaking his back. The disability forced him to retire from the force and also severely affected his dental health. 

According to his wife, Kelli Ramsey, who entered him in the giveaway, Greg consistently puts his children first. In the 10 years since his accident, despite his own pain and dental health concerns, Greg has been focused on the needs of his family. In her entry, Kelli described how grateful their entire family would be if Greg were to win, “He would no longer be in pain and would smile!”

Greg’s personalized treatment plan with Cedar Village Dentistry is set to take place over the course of this year and includes:

  • 3 tooth extractions
  • 5 implants
  • 4 veneers
  • 10 crowns
  • 2 root canals

Dr. Dooley has partnered with a local oral surgeon, Dr. Seghi, to complete a sinus lift as part of the implant process, as well as a local endodontist Dr. Imperial to complete Greg’s root canals. The total cost of treatments donated is $63,512.

“My team and I feel grateful for this opportunity to make a difference in Greg and his family’s life,” says Dr. Dooley. “Greg is so well deserving of this treatment. We can’t wait to relieve some of that pain he’s been dealing with the last 10 years and help him achieve a healthy smile he feels really proud of.”

Cedar Village Dentistry is currently accepting new nominations for the 2020 smile makeover giveaway. Participants are encouraged to visit cedarvillagedentistry.com and nominate themselves or another deserving individual. Nominators need to provide contact information, a photo of their nominee, and answer a few questions about why their nominee deserves to win a free full-mouth makeover.

For more information, visit cedarvillagedentistry.com/smile-makeover-giveaway-mason-oh/ or call (513) 770-4370. If you would like more information about Cedar Village Dentistry’s smile makeover giveaway & results, please contact Dr. Thomas Dooley at (513) 770-4370.